The God Damn TRUTH about feminism

I watched a video today which included young girls, probably 8 – 11 years old, swearing at me to raise awareness about feminism.

I understand that whoever created this very funny and entertaining video (I mean lol it made me thinking back to my chavy days when I was a young one) wanted to get across the fact that girl’s swearing is not a big issue when there are worst things in the world such as young men who think it’s OK to rape. Well, this is the message I got from this video.

Check it out and let me know what your interpretations are:

In all fairness, I think it was a great way to “raise awareness” about issues close to these women’s hearts, and I agree totally that  society needs to change it’s attitude towards these things (like girls feeling their value is “from their waist line and not their brain”) however I really don’t think these are the root of massive feminist issues.

Don’t get me wrong, they are big problems the world holds today, but it pains me a bit to see women masking up social issues with the word “feminism”. They all seem to jump on the bandwagon of “girl power” and as seen in this video, their attitude towards these issues is pretty bad. The whole video was just like a massive attack, I felt quite scared at some point. I know we should be angry that for years women have been manipulated into thinking about “the size of our butts” but palming it as a “feminist” issue… uh uh it’s just not right.

Instead of being angry and attacking everything & everyone  (we are not animals,we are civilised humans… apparently) with your very well thought out, quite funny in places, strong video, we should actually be trying to fight for EQUALITY FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

Let me make myself very clear now.

If you are a woman who wants equal rights, you want to be paid the same as men, you want to make sure that if you and your partner who, you have kids with, decide that you no longer want to be together you, the woman, obtains full custody of the kids… hold on a minute, WHAT THE FUCK?!

This is what I’m talking about people!

You CANNOT be a woman who wants all things equal and yet decide when equality doesn’t count for the benefit of you. Just because you are a woman DOES NOT mean that you are entitled to your children more than the other person (yes, the man) who also helped create your wonderful crying bundle of joy.

Me and my BF have conversations about feminism regularly, he always brings up the inequality within the world that is in favour of the woman, and I always bring up whichever is in favour of the man.

I’m not being funny now, but if you claim to be a “feminist” but then expect your partner to pay for your meal, cinema ticket, drive you around then you are clearly not a feminist, you’re just a lazy person who’s very greedy.

As a person, not a feminist, I feel that men should be given the same paternity leave as women, they should have an equal right in the custody of their children, and I also feel that car insurance for men and women should be based on their driving skills and not their gender (which is why I hate those stupid drive like a girl adverts. Just because I’m a girl DOES NOT mean I drive at 20miles an hour!) I also believe that just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean if I use “fowl” language I’m apparently not “very lady like” ( Does it make me any less of a woman if I use an “F” word is some of my sentences???) and of course women should get the same pay as men in any sector of work in any part of the world.

I 100% DO NOT BELIEVE a woman’s place is in the kitchen. The kitchen holds food, it’s everyone’s place!!!


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