Club La Costa world, Spain, July 2015

So I’ve been a little bit busy with life lately. It’s prime time wedding season which has taken me up and down the country singing for newly weds, which is always such a rewarding job!

Last week I found myself venturing off to sunny Spain with my family.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.09.12

Before I tanned (Must’ve been the first day)

This was our first EVER holiday abroad as a 4 piece family… sort of. We’ve been away with our extended family to Florida when I was 16, but there was literally 20 of us that travelled together, so not everyone got their way especially me. Like when I wanted to go on all the rides at Disney Land but my mum wouldn’t let me because all the grownups were tired and there was little old me packed full of life ready to bounce around Disney’s magic Kingdom like a kid high on sweets.

So I guess it was nice to get away with just mum dad and my brother. We also brought along cousin Tommy and also my lovely boyfriend Mitchell, who can’t seem to say no to a bit of sunshine because he likes to turn into a tomato on holiday; NO JOKE!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.21.09

Family on the plane. Mum, Dad Tommy, Jamie, Me, Mitchell.

So, the only reason why we actually went away was because my parents ‘won’ a free holiday with CLC world, which is a timeshare resort company. To sum it up you pay as though you’re in a time share but you’re not subject to one building, you can travel anywhere in the world to any of their resorts. Of course if they are offering you a free holiday then you’re BOUND to get a hard sell to buy into the company, and whatever my parents decision  I fully support them in whatever they want to do.

The Resort
We stayed at Club La Costa World for this free holiday, situated in the middle of nowhere between the airport town Malaga and the  Chavtastic Essex hang out Marbella. It’s quite a large complex, and putting it simply the resort is split into  three sections: Cheapo, Marketing, Rich area. Unfortunately, we were bang smack in the middle at the Marketing area, and were encouraged to spend our time in the cheap area, but obviously with someone who has expensive taste such as myself I mingled with the richer members and hung out in the best bar 😉 Also, the complex is situated on either side of a hill, with the Marketing area being at the top of the hill and in the middle of both sides of the resort. Yes, just image my face when trying to walk up and down hills to get to a shop or pool in 40C degree heat. Fortunately they had a train/tram thing that takes you to each side of the resort, but they never came on time which meant walking; we walked ALOT. (I’m sure I’ve lost a stone in sweat alone). Obviously I cooled myself down with plenty of fluids.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.28.07

THANK GOD for strawberry Daiquiri’s 🙂


What I did
After getting over the fact that walking will be a big part of the holiday, I planned my days wisely. We spent most of the time sleeping and swimming by our nearest pool, and in the evenings we literally drunk ourselves silly and danced around our table like mad men around a camp fire.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.07.08

From let to right: Tommy, Myself and Mitchell in the pool on our first day.

We spent a day in the nearest town to the resort, which we thought was Malaga, but turns out we went to Fuengirola. (Malaga was actually quite far away from our resort) We bought some great souvenirs in the town, but we hit two major problems while shopping:
no1 it’s really REALLY fucking hot so walking around with no shade in a hustle bustle town is such a drain
no2, Everyone has a lie in when on holiday, so when you rack up at 12pm to start some shopping you have about 2 hours before EVERY SINGLE SHOP apart from the supermarket, closes for siesta… and they won’t re open until around 5/6pm! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. We should totally do this shit in England!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.13.44

Some really cool jewellery in a shop called Lolita! They had doughnut earnings (I say no more!!)


A special place
On our last day we visited the Nerja caves. OMG when I say this place is so cool. Not cool as in cold because it was actually very humid inside the cave, to the point where it’s hard to breathe, however the amazing sites around you take your mind off your near suffocation and it feels as if you’re walking through a winter wonderland. It was a truly magical place and I can see why it’s a popular place for tourists and archaeologists alike.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.35.47

A really pretty pillar in the centre of the cave, lit by artificial lights.

There was also an archaeological site that I really wanted to visit because of the ancient markings on the walls which has always fascinate me. Unfortunately you need to book it up and be part of a secret archaeological guild to be able to access this area, so it was off limits for the day (boo).

I honestly enjoyed my time with family away for a week, but I literally was bombarded with emails and notifications when we came back. Also the wifi was shit, but what do you expect when you’re on holiday.

Me by the end of the week, totally see a tan coming

Me by the end of the week, totally see a tan coming

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