Smashbook look over (so far) August 2015

Anyone into smash booking or scrapbooking will know exactly how I feel when I walk past a stationary shop. I have to be dragged away as soon as I see paper in the shop window or Lord help me I will buy the whole shop. Once inside I feel as though I need to buy every single type of washi tape and coloured pen known to man.

My current smashboopk is my first ever and I’ve had it since 2013. I haven’t used it much (considering I ask for MORE embellishments every year for Christmas) but it’s hard to try and find the time to smash in my spare time. I was going to use it as a “gig book” because at the time of purchase I was performing in some amazingly prestigious venues, but the smashing got very tedious and I couldn’t keep up every week, soon enough I had a backlog of gigs to smash and I couldn’t keep up. So now I’ve scrapped that idea and I’m using the book for collective things, music, gigs, holidays etc.

So currently I’ve got about 5 pages done, but surprisingly  my smashbook looks quite thick already.


So for the opening page, which is a single page on the right hand side, I haven’t quite decided exactly what I’m going to add there, so it’s blank at the moment.

Moving on to the first double page in the book, I really had no clue what to smash in here. I ended up making a lovely purple butterflyesque page with left over bits from birthday cards I received last year.


The full page of my first double in the book


This is a geisha that was put on the front of a card from my Aunt. She makes the cards all herself and also made the layering of this geisha lady.

DSC00175 DSC00176

The second full double page is dedicated to my boyfriend Mitchell. On the left page I’ve used a birthday card I received from him which is currently used as a pocket for tickets to plays we’ve seen together. Theres only two tickets in there currently, one for We Will Rock You and another for The Woman In Black. I had to use this card because it says “Chocolate is always the answer” … couldn’t be more true!


Chocolate is ALWAYS the answer!

On the opposite page I have a lovely photo of us at christmas (sorry, haven’t included a photo of the photo), and lots of hearts and shiny things. We also love going to bingo on the regular, so I added the slip Mitch got when he won £241 on a game.

DSC00178 DSC00179

Then we come to the first page I actually made in my smashbook (I don’t work chronologically). I had no clue what to smash, but had a great piano embellishment and musical notes so I thought I’de dedicate this double spread to music. It’s a bit crap because it is my first page ever, so no harsh judgements please!

DSC00180 DSC00181

Then I’ve got a couple of blank pages, which leads onto my holiday pages. So in 2013 I went to Vegas with my BCFL (Best cousin for life) Jess. I turned 21 so we thought Vegas would be the best place to go for a trip. I absolutely adore these next couple of pages. I always have to include a resort/area map folded somewhere on the page which can be pulled out. I tried to re create the vegas city vibe on the bottom of the right page using black foam and drew little lines on them trying to recreate windows. I think it turned out quite well, however it does make the smash book thick sided.

DSC00182 DSC00183 DSC00184 DSC00185

Then I have one of my favourite pages, the “gambling page”. I’m not a hard gambler, but do love the game. Roulette and 21/ blackjack are my favourites (and a bit of bingo). I found an old pack of cards to use as the background for this, and the photo is me holding all my roulette chips in the Flamingo hotel casino.

DSC00186 DSC00187 DSC00189 DSC00190

The next page spread is another vegas page, but i don’t like this one that much because it looks so bare. It’s basically a “what we got up to” page. Not too sure how I can make this page better, I really want things to pop out but I haven’t got a clue how to do this.


So theres another couple of blank pages, then it comes onto my trip last year to turkey with my BF Mitchell. We had a fantastic time and it was our first holiday away together. We stayed at this huge resort and had a fabulous time, and also got very drunk lol!


Yes this a stripper, yes that’s also her nipple you can see.

DSC00192 DSC00193 DSC00195 DSC00196


So thats the end of my smash book so far. I do struggle sometimes on what I’m going to do for pages. I wish my book could look good but sometimes I feel like the pages aren’t good enough. Another problem I have with the smash book is that it’s not quite big enough for everything I want to put into a page, which puts me off a bit.

I’ll probably do another look through soon, when I’ve done more pages ofc!

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