Trip to London: Ripleys Believe it or not & Hamley’s – September 2015


Graffiti or street art?

I love going to London. I really do! Living in the suburbs has some fantastic benefits and getting straight into London takes around about an hour. Unfortunately, Mitch hates London. Yes, it’s very crowded which is one of the reasons why we don’t go so often, but it’s so fun and there are millions of things to do, it’s a shame we don’t go as often as we should considering we live so near!


Kids Mohawk bike helmet. Unfortunately it didn’t quite fit my head

We’ve started doing a date night together every other week, taking it in turns as to who organises the dates. This week was down to Mitch so he took me to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! I defiantly recommend going to Ripley’s in London. It’s not too expensive, and it’s pretty much like a wacky museum, totally worth going if you have the time! Also, on the way we stopped at Hamleys which was the most amazing place EVER!

So firstly, I have to mention the Harry Potter replica items inside Hamleys. It was amazing! they had a replica wand for every single character, the snitch, and some of Harry’s broom sticks used in the films.


Lots of wands


Dumbledore’s bronze wand


Lucius Malfoy’s cane



They also had a section for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. Although I didn’t take many pictures for these as there wasn’t too much merchandise there anyway, I got a fantastic photo of the One Ring that started it all for the hobbits of The Shire.


Can I just stress I was getting so excited as an adult just looking at this stuff, I could only image what I would’ve been like as a child. This place was just jam packed with everything you could ever think of to occupy a child (apart from iPads and stuff).


Monster high dolls. The gothic and creepy dolls for extra ordinary kids.


The best idea ever to create gothic dolls for kids! This was my favourite one.


The biggest collection of disney action figures I’ve ever seen.

I’m actually obsessed with miniature things at the moment. When I was younger something attracted me about Sylvanian Families, and since I’m obsessed with small miniature things at the moment you can tell my eyes gleamed when I saw a small Sylvanian town!



Supermarket complete with mini bananas apples and bell peppers.!


Sylvanian’s are also keep gardeners apparantly.

IMG_0683 IMG_0682 IMG_0679

So moving on from toy galore, Ripley’s is one of a kind place. It’s 5 floors of madness you wouldn’t find in a tradition museum. Even though I’m not a fan of taxidermy the first thing you seem on floor 5 is stuffed animals like cows with 5 legs and goats with two heads… I kid you not. (sorry  I have no photos). At the entrance they have the Ripley’s mini which has been covered in crystals showing famous landmarks. On the front you can see the statue of liberty. This is my kind of car!

IMG_0709 IMG_0710

They also has so many strange (real) things like a 50m piece of rope that had been removed from a cows stomach, an iron maiden torture device and also real african shrunken heads. Yes, they were real people’s heads. Mitch freaked out at that but I found them a bit fascinating and creepy.


The biggest rocking chair in the world.


A beautiful sculpture entirely made out of camel bone.



Oprah Winfrey made out of coloured pins


Portrait made out of bottle corks.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. Me and Mitch are a bit heavy, I don’t even think Mitch knows how much he weighs. He’s also quite tall as well so coming into a room with the fattest man and the tallest guy in the world we knew this was somewhere we would have lots of fun. I walked up to the statue of Waldo, and instead of being wowed by his hight my first question was “I wonder how big his penis was”? LOL


Unfortunately, Mitch didn’t stand up to Waldo’s hight, so now he can’t complain and use his “I’m too tall” excuse all the time.


Together me and Mitch came to 270kg, so this bloke was basically fucking huge.

I love our date nights, hopefully we can visit London more often 🙂

Sabrina x

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