Holiday to Cape Verde!!

Heeeyy. So before I even start I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Sabrina you just went on Holiday to Spain! WTF?!”

I know I know, let me explain…. Mitchell and myself booked our Cape Verde holiday back in May before my parents invited us to sun it up in Spain with the family. This holiday was just about us and I’m chuffed we managed to go on two holiday’s this year. 🙂


Chill out selfie 😎

So… Cape Verde. Well, it’s a cluster of islands in the middle of the sea off the west coast of Africa. It’s hot all year around and to be honest there’s not much to do on the islands. The most “developed” island in terms of tourism is SAL (the island we went to) but again, not much to do. So if you were thinking of travelling to Cape Verde any time soon, I would suggest you go there to relax and do sweet FA for a week or two. Let me also mention that this is a developing country. When others went to the nearest town they mentioned it was like “Walking through a 3rd world country”. Well, this is AFRICA; you weren’t expecting it to be like England were you?

Sal is a lovely Island, the people there are very friendly and the beaches OMG THE BEACHES are so clean. The sand is white and soft, almost like walking on snow, and the sea is brilliant for surfing. Funny story: we went into the sea for the first time, not realising the waves start to fold quite far out from the shore. Me and Mitch didn’t get too far out when a huge wave, and I mean HUGE, came crashing into us. The undercurrent swept us into the wave and we basically got enihalated. We ending up back on the beach like washed up fish. Brilliant!


Night time sea

The sea by night is calm and great for fishing. We went for a traditional Cape Verde BBQ meal on the beach, with a fire eater and live music for entertainment. The food was fantastic and we even had a go at fishing. I caught the bigger fish 🙂


Fire eater



Mitchell’s fish



My fish!



Me and my fellow musicians

The hotel we stayed at (Crioula Club hotel) was a 3* resort. We didn’t know what to expect from 3* because our last holiday to Turkey was 5* and this is our second holiday together. The hotel was OK and situated on the beach, so perfect for anyone who likes being near the beach front. The food was average, but more suited to all the italians staying there. The food was pretty much pasta, pizza soup and more pasta. We weren’t warned about the salt water pool which I hated so much. You have no idea. I just hate salt water. If I wanted to swim in the sea I would just walk 200m to the sea, but this salt water pool was… YUK! If we knew they has a salt water pool we most likely would not have stayed there. They only had one pool so there was no splashing on holiday. Also, the sunbeds around the pool were on sand, which begs the question why the hell would you have sand next to the pool when the beach is 200m away?


Pool Sunbeds. See what I mean about the sand?



Mitch enjoying a game of Water polo

Mitch loved the pool (I have no idea why) and was always getting involved with the crioula animation team who were fabulous. Actually, they were probably the best part of the whole holiday. They had a huge array of activities and they love talking to all the tourists, asking to come and play with them or join in with the activities during the day and night time.

One evening we were joined by a dance group from our nearest town St Maria. They were fantastic. They portrayed the independence of Cape verde and how they were enslaved when the islands were inhabited by the Portuguese through dance. The men were quite fit (if I say so myself) and overall were very enjoyable.





Overall, it was a fantastic holiday for us to chill and relax. Although, I think we might consider going on holiday for two weeks the next time we go away. 7 days feels too short, even when you’re doing nothing. I did get bored around Thursday because I’m young and I can’t be lazing around the pool every single day. I would’ve liked to have visited another island but this wasn’t available to us.

I honestly think Cape Verde will be as popular as the Canary Islands within 10 – 20 years. Just watch this space. Better start investing in some villas.


Sabrina x

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