November mini haul: BlackMoon, Models Own, Attitude clothing

So, I’ve started revamping my style to suit my own personality and quirkiness. For too long have I gone “un-styled” because of me telling myself I’m not worthy enough to dress well. However, now I’ve started losing weight (2 stone down in a little over 7 weeks! – Thats for another post) I’ve started with the basics: Makeup, Nails, Accessories. Since we’re in Autumn and approaching Winter I’ve decided to stick with darker richer colours to suit the seasons.



I first heard about BlackMoon cosmetics when I watched a review on youtube from Ree Ree Philips. I thought they looks cool and in all honesty I’ve neer tried liquid lipsticks. I’ve been on the hunt for a great matt lip product that doesn’t come off or stain your face upon removal. I really liked her review and the colours looked great so I decided to try some. At the moment BlackMoon only have 4 lip colours available: Purgatory – A dark deep purple with red undertones, Sanguis – A deep blood red, Libra – A nude peachy colour, Deranged – A brown with red undertone.  I was only able to get hold of two – Purgatory & Sanguis –  so hopefully in the future I’ll get my hands on the missing ones and do a review for you.



Although quite pricey with shipping, these lipsticks do not disappoint. It took a while for the products to arrive as they were coming from California but it was worth the wait. The packaging is amazing, whoever did the graphics for the box I tip my hat off to you! The lipsticks themselves aren’t sticky or runny, they’re quite thick and you will get a lot of product out of just one swipe. Personally, I don’t think they smell of anything particular, however others have commented that they smell like vanilla cake. They are also vegan friendly and cruelty free (yay!)








Recently, stalls that look like huge nail polish bottle have been popping up in nearby malls. Yes, it’s Models Own. The stall has a huge array of colours – you wound’t believe how many shades of blue and green they stock as varnish! They also have nail varnish colours in gel, glitter and metallic. The polish dries very quickly which is good for people like me who’s nails start smudging even 30mins after application!


Unfortunately, they I didn’t see any names on the bottles for the polish colours, but the website has the official names. I bought a deep emerald green, deep red, metallic blue, metallic pink, grey and lastly blue glitter. They are only £5 per bottle and if you buy 5 colours you get one for free. They also love giving away free stuff. I’ve bought polishes from them twice and last time they gave me a two colour eye shadow pallet, recently they gave me a brow pencil and a pocket mirror.



Lastly I bought myself a bracelet and choker from Attitude clothing. I’ve been obsessed with this online shop since I discovered it a couple of years ago. They have some fabulous shoes and clothes for those who like to dress alternative/ gothic. Unfortunately, I haven’t bought clothing from them yet but I decided to take the plunge and get some accessories from their store.

I bought a beautiful spiked bracelet and spiked choker and I’ve fallen in love with both! They are both buckle adjustable and the lengths of the spikes on both of these are a decent length. The quality of the leather is superb and they were reasonably priced at £7.99 for the bracelet and £5.99 for the choker!









So there you go, I hope you liked my (mini) haul for November. Money is tight at the moment so buying tiny things regularly makes me stay savy with my money.

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