Date Night: Competitive Bowling


Me and Mitch are trying to get together every other week for date night/ day. We spend WAAAAYY too much time apart, and because we both still live with our parents, it makes the task of finding “together time” much more harder.

We’ve got lots of ideas planned for dates, and we’re starting with the most simple ones (and cheapest) like Museums, art galleries, going for walks (mitch hates this idea) bowling, cinema… you get the idea.


This week we went Bowling. Now, I have to say I’m actually quite good at bowling (for a girl) and both me and Mitch are SUPER FUCKING COMPETITIVE. It’s actually a joke how competitive we are. And I absolutely HAAAATTTEE losing. If I don’t win I basically consider myself a failure, and totally throw a toddler tantrum, so you could image the tension whilst we were bowling them balls down the lane. Even thought I was trying my best to cheer Mitch on, deep down inside I was always hoping he’d get a gutter ball (I know, awful Sabrina!)



So, in the end Mitch won, and just obliterated me, but at the expense of his hand which is now in a lot of pain because he was bowling them balls a bit too hard. Such a shame, next time he should really let me win and save himself some pain. See what I mean by super competitive?


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