How to spark your own creativity


A lot of the time I get the dreaded “Writers Block”. It happens almost everyday. I’m not one of those people who are lucky enough to sit down and say “Today, I’m going to write a song about _____ and it is going to be epic.” Unfortunately, for us creative people, others seem to assume that it’s so easy to “Just write words/ singing/ drawing/rhyming” but we all know IT SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

And then when it comes to actually creating some content, you’re just not feeling it? But you really have to force yourself to at least do SOMETHING. Then as you keep on creating, the ideas seem to get better and better to the point where you’ve actually created something decent? Well, I’ve recently found that the more I delve into creative past times, the easier it is to come up with interesting song concepts. Like they say, the best way to write a hit song is to keep on writting.

I really do take the time each day to do something creative to help inspire me to become a better songwriter, and also keep the creative part of my brain active. Here’s my top ideas for sparking some creativity.

  • Surround yourself in a creative and unclogged atmosphere
    Firstly, I can’t stress how important this is. My creative space must be immaculate and I must feel comfortable within for me to be supper creative. If your area is clogged up or unflattering to the eye it can stub your creativity. It doesn’t matter where you create, as long as it’s your “space” then make sure to keep it that way. With your space, you can really jazz it up by adding candles, fairy lights, plants etc to make it a more welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Basically, make it a place that will make you comfortable and focused.
  • Take some photos
    In my younger years I would literally take photos and videos of absolutely everything. I suppose I did this for the memories, but recently it’s become more of a creative exercise.  It’s not just the taking of the photos that help, but the editing afterwards. I always muck about with filters for all my Instagram snaps.
  • Make a scrap book
    My scrap book has been with me for nearly 3 years and it’s not exactly full to the brim. I come to it whenever I can, but I always make sure each page is crafted with care and individuality. Scrap booking is so simple because you literally get a bunch of cool embellishments and photos and stick them all down in the book, obviously in a creative way. It’s not exactly a “skilled” thing but it helps you get more creative with paper. I normally decorate mine with paints/ pens/ glue/ jewels etc.
  • Write a short story
    Descriptive writing!! When I was younger I used to write a story before bed about how Ide fall in love with a boy from school (I know, so fucking lame Sabrina). But seriously, it really helped me to have a vivid imagination, which I think we adults lack these days.
  • Paint/ draw a picture
    A bit more advanced than a scrap book. I can’t draw/ paint for shit, unless it’s a copy of another picture. I love drawing and I LOVE PAINT. Colour is what inspires me so getting messy with paint will also help.
  • Go for a walk or visit a place and write a short descriptive paragraph of your outing
    Go for a nice long walk and write a short descriptive paragraph of your journey. You could try this at a place of interest too. I know a friend who sits in a cafe all day and takes notes on other people conversations. He then writes a made up story and sometimes even a whole song on that one conversation. Pretty fucking clever!
  • Read a fictional book
    Think of all that imagination a book brings to your mind when you’re reading. Use that to inspire your creativity.
  • Practice your craft (even if the outcome is shit)
    To make better songs I must keep writing. Even if they are complete and utter shit, I might take certain elements from “the shit song” and craft it into a better song.
  • Write a poem
    Poems help me with songwriting. The best ones are the ones that don’t rhyme, but I’m so cheese and I love a bit of rhyme! I think rhyme is clever and I love coming up with obscure words to match.


If all else fails?

If all else fails just go for a walk. If you’re having a hard time getting inspiration then just take a deep breath and chill. Go run yourself a bath and listen to classical music. No really. Surround yourself with nice smelly candles and maybe a bath bomb (I’ve heard the ones from LUSH are great). Chill and take your mind off things. Sometimes if you try and force it, the creativity will never come. You can’t force art. 80% of creativity is subconscious anyway, bet you didn’t know that!

3 thoughts on “How to spark your own creativity

    • brii13 says:

      You should have a go, even if it’s just lyrics. Try writing completely different lyrics to one of your favourite songs. IT’s very therapeutic especially if you write it about something/ someone in your life.

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