My date night suggestions



So if you don’t know, myself and Mitchell have been trying our best to keep up our bi-weekly date nights. Since we’re both living at home with the parents it’s hard trying to find alone time. I have about 5 people living in my house, including me, and if you’re counting bluebell then thats 6. If Mitch comes over, suddenly the house is awfully crowded and before you know it everyone is fighting for a chair to sit on. Having regular date night’s/ days helps us to have personal time together away from everyone else. (It also helps me to get out of the house once in a while)

Bellow I’ve compiled a list of date night/ day suggestions, mostly being one’s I’de like to do (nudge nudge Mitchell). I’ve also put these into price categories. I’m really sorry that most of these are within the London area, but I’m sure you can find alternatives in your area.

At the moment as I’m so poor, we’re trying to stick to date nights bellow £30. (All prices Per adult person)

Totally Free

  • Regents park
  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park (Our favourite place)

Admission is most likely free but certain exhibitions may cost

  • Imperial war museum
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern
  • Sacchi Gallery
  • V&A museum
  • Museum of London
  • British Museum

Less than £30

  • Harry Potter Tour (£30)
  • Winter Wonderland (£7 – £15 per attraction)
  • Hampton Court Palace (£18 – £19)
  • Kensington Palace (£15 – £17)
  • Houses of Parliament tours (£18 – £30)
  • Kew Gardens (£9 – £17)
  • Buckingham Palace (£21 – £37)
  • Tower of London (£25 – £30)

£31 – £60

  • Home date nights/ film, Dominos and BnJ night in (We spend roughly £35 or so)
  • Local theatre shows and gigs (Anywhere between £10 – £35)
  • Bars/ pub (Depending on how much you drink £40 – £50)

£61 +

  • West End shows, burlesques, dinner and dance (£65 – £100)
  • Eating out. (£30 – £75)
    Obviously you could eat on the cheap but there are some amazing restaurants in London to try out. Also, when we go out for a meal I expect at least two courses and a couple of drinks, otherwise we might as well go for a quick at McDonalds. Hardly romantic!





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