Lemon and cucumber water

Since losing 3 stone since September, I’ve been on a healthy hike! Every morning I wake up and drink 1 pint of water with a slice of Lemon in it. It really helps clear my throat and is also a refreshing start to my day. However, I’ve been thinking of other water ideas for my morning routine, and having going to a hair salon last week and being served a cucumber water I thought what woud lemon and cucmber water taste like?

I dcided to give it a go and it wasnt half bad! The cucumber gives a nice fresh essence while the lemon gives it a sweet and tangy taste. I absoutely love it and have been making it every day!

All you need is one lemon, a cucumber and a water jug. And some water (obviously). I get my water from the filtered water despencer in my fridge. 

I cut my Lemon first. Cutting the ends off and disregarding them, then I slice the lemon into 3 large slices, then into quarters.

Next the cucumber. I slice up 6 large chunky slices, then half them.

I chuck it all into the jug and then fill with water. And volia! Refreshing and interesting water made from home.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Let me know what you think of the recipe and share your thoughts and photos of your own water masterpieces via my instagram and twitter.


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