New hair!

So I FINALLY managed to get myself to the hair dressers on Friday.

I’ve been dying my hair ginger for the last month, and I like the colour so much so I think I’m gonna stick it out a bit longer! I will eventually get round to dying my hair again at some point, but for now I’m sticking with a brassy tone for this hair cut.



Something needed to be done about the length and of course my over grown fringe which was at the bottom of my nose!



My hair dresser did a fantastic job! She added in my fringe, and thinned it out a bit. I naturally have curly/ wavy hair so my hair is very thick, so adding in lots of shorter layers at the back keeps the thickness down. (goodbye lions mane!)


I have had it feathered at the front, which blends in with my fringe to shape my face, which I think i need since my face is a little round at the moment.



All in all Im positively pleased with my new cut.


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