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Hi! And thanks so much for reaching my blog!

I am Sabrina and this is a blog is all about my life. Some people would class it as a lifestyle blog, but it’s more like my personal diary that you can glimpse into. I share all of my thoughts and advice on this blog, along with things that interest me like fashion, beauty and of course FOOD!

I have a fantastic career as a singer releasing my own music and working with new and interestingΒ people. I love discovering new artist just like me!

In September 2015 I embarked on my weight loss journey to lose 8 stone; a journey which is currently taking place. You can follow my daily weight loss updates on my snapchat: sillymoosabrina.

I like alternative fashion and outrageous clothing. I love dark spooky things and wacky lip colours. I love going out and exploring the world around me, capturing the moments in photos and video.

I have a cute little chihuahua named Bluebell who constantly needs looking after (as she’s so small) but also because she has Epilepsy.

Enjoy reading, and if you want to reach out to me just tweet me @sabrinaMoffic or email


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