Living with an Epileptic pet

Some of you may not know that I have a pet chihuahua named Bluebell. Well, I do and she is the most cutest, cuddly and loving chihuahua you will ever meet. She hasn’t got an attitude problem that most chihuahua are known for, and she loves to play with people. She is a shy dog in public places and very scared of dogs outside of the home. But, as soon as a stranger enters her domain she transforms into a fierce Rottweiler ready to pounce on intruders! (She especially dislikes men… she must’ve been a feminist in a previous life!)

Bluebell is an all round amazing dog. She is smaller than a cat and requires less maintenance than your average dog, but she has some health issues which means she needs lots of love and attention.


Ever since I can remember, Bluebell would act really strange sometimes. She would regularly run to me, or hide in a corner trembling and tensing up. At first I thought it could be a reaction to loud noises or maybe she was scared of seeing another dog on the TV (seriously, she is that scared) and because these episodes started happening while she was only a young puppy, I honestly thought she might grow out of it.

As she grew older however, they continued and worsened. They happened more frequently and started to get very violent. She would lose control of her body and spasm out of control. Her paws would raise above her head and she would lose all movement in her legs for 10 minutes, unable to walk even after the worst of her seizure was over. Bluebell’s pupils would also dilate and she would start to drool and foam at the mouth.


Watching a dog go through all of this is tough, especially when you are emotionally attached to them and also when they are so small and vulnerable!

I thought it may be a case of hypoglycemia, which is very common in the chihuahua breed, but of course I didn’t want to take this matter in my own hands so we took her to the vets.

Before Bluebell was diagnosed with epilepsy, she had to be taken to the vet hospital for tests. I honestly didn’t know these places existed, it was like walking into a real hospital but with lots of animals everywhere – it even smelled like hospital! She stayed over night and the next day she was diagnosed with Epilepsy.


Personally, I wasn’t aware that animals could suffer with epilepsy. Obviously, there is no cure for epilepsy at the moment, however she is taking medication to help with her condition. Bluebell has been prescribed with Epiphen, and takes 1/2 tablet twice a day. She also needs to have constant blood tests at the vets every 3-4 months, which she finds unpleasant but is getting used to.

The pills have worked in a way, her seizures are shorter and less violent, but we are still unsure what causes them. She has had episodes in the garden, while she’s asleep and even from just taking a walk. They can happen at any moment which makes it even more worrying because she could have a seizure while everyone is out of the house.


It’s always a bit of a scare to see her in seizure mode, and you can tell she is confused and a bit uncomfortable when it happens, but all you can do is comfort her and hold her until it’s finished. You can sometimes tell when an episode is coming on because she doesn’t want to eat or move.


Bless her, she will always be my special little baby ❤





2016 goals

The Lilypad

NEW YEAR new you. Sounds like a phrase everyone will be saying this week. The majority of New Years Resolution’s” tend to lean towards heath and exercise, money saving and deciding to do more of something. Most resolutions are un reachable, a lot of us tend to think we’re some sort of super human to be able to achieve the extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong, if you put your mind to it then anything is possible, but realistically speaking someone trying to lose 2 stone a week or able to run a marathon in 30 minutes who’s never ran a day since secondary school seems a bit far fetched.

I don’t DO resolutions, I do goals. Something more tangible that’s also measurable. In august I wrote my mid year goals post, trying to make the most of the rest of 2015, and it went something like this:

  1. Do something with my hair
    (Done! Had a shorter cut, layers and fringe in September)
  2. Regularly update my blog and youtube channel
    (Sort of done. I’ve definitely been updating my blog on the regular but my youtube could use a little TLC)
  3. Take bluebell for walks more often (before it gets too cold 
    (DONE! We’ve got into a morning routine, I have my breakfast then we go for a walk, she then gets her breakfast afterwards)
  4. Write more songs
    (Even thought I’ve been in the studio recently it still doesn’t mean I’ve written any more material)
  5. Go out and enjoy life
    This just hasn’t happened.

So I guess hitting 2.5 out of the 5 goals I had set for august is pretty much an achievement. I mean I’m the kinda person who says something and never does it, never actually finishes anything, so this is a great accomplishment (go sabrina!)

For 2016, I’ve decided to give myself goals in 4 different categories: Weight & Health, Exercise, Lifestyle, Music and Business. Every month I’m going to set a specific smaller goal for each of these categories so I can actually achieve the bigger goal by the end of the year. I’m hoping that taking baby steps each month to achieve the “bigger picture” is what’s going to help me accomplish things this year.
By the end of the year I want to accomplish:

Weight and health:
1. My goal weight/ be able to wear and buy from normal size shops
2. To feel confident and productive in my life

1. Run a 5k in 35mins
2. To enjoy regular exercise

1. Have a minimalist approach to my things
2. To have an organisation system in place
3. To have a clear mind and clear body

Music and business
1. Reach 1,000 youtube subscribers
2. Have 1,500 mailing list subscribers
3. Have regular interactions on all my SM outlets

Let me know if you have any goals for 2016 and how you plan to accheive them.

What I got for Christmas 2015!

Seasons greetings! I hope ya’ll had a fantastic christmas like i did!


As you might know, I absolutely adore Christmas and the majority of that joy lies in the presents. I rarely ever ask for something I’m never going to use or need, and that’s probably why I love christmas so much – I receive the things I yearn for!

This may just be my last blog post of 2015, and it’s so scary to think that I only started blogging a couple of months ago, and the blog is already receiving a great turn out from viewers. (yay!).



Happy new year, and I’ll see you on the other side in 2016 🙂

Date Night: Imperial War Museum

FINALLY! We managed to get our asses down to the Imperial War Museum after weeks of putting it off (from Mitchell). Afterwards he told me “Oh, I actually really enjoyed that, we should come back soon” … mmmmhhhhmmm


I had an appointment in Bond street at 12pm, so we made our way to the museum afterwards. Mr clever clogs decided to find the way to the museum via IFiona (His Iphone that he loves more than me apparently) which told us to get off at Chancery lane and take a 45 minute walk… wait WHAT?! Yes, there is a nearer station to the museum – Elephant & Castle – but Mitchell’s fucking fantastic response  “Well, you’ve always said you wanted to walk around London” pissed me off right to the edge I walked off in a huff, hence we walked. (Good thing I wore sensible shoes!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.57.35






Unfortunately, because we got there at around 2pm, after we had lunch we only had a couple of hours at the museum which was a shame because we couldn’t take all the information in, nor did we go to all the floors. (I still blame Mitch for this)

If you’re thinking of visiting the museum any time soon, without doubt we both suggest you check out the Holocaust floor (4th floor I think). The stories I read and the things I saw were absolutely horrific, defiantly something I wasn’t taught in school, and I honestly couldn’t believe how sick and twisted humans can be.

Being a witness to the recent events taking place in the world right now I hope for a brighter future where everyone can live in harmony regardless of race gender or belief. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself any time soon.


























My date night suggestions



So if you don’t know, myself and Mitchell have been trying our best to keep up our bi-weekly date nights. Since we’re both living at home with the parents it’s hard trying to find alone time. I have about 5 people living in my house, including me, and if you’re counting bluebell then thats 6. If Mitch comes over, suddenly the house is awfully crowded and before you know it everyone is fighting for a chair to sit on. Having regular date night’s/ days helps us to have personal time together away from everyone else. (It also helps me to get out of the house once in a while)

Bellow I’ve compiled a list of date night/ day suggestions, mostly being one’s I’de like to do (nudge nudge Mitchell). I’ve also put these into price categories. I’m really sorry that most of these are within the London area, but I’m sure you can find alternatives in your area.

At the moment as I’m so poor, we’re trying to stick to date nights bellow £30. (All prices Per adult person)

Totally Free

  • Regents park
  • Green Park
  • Hyde Park (Our favourite place)

Admission is most likely free but certain exhibitions may cost

  • Imperial war museum
  • Tate Britain
  • Tate Modern
  • Sacchi Gallery
  • V&A museum
  • Museum of London
  • British Museum

Less than £30

  • Harry Potter Tour (£30)
  • Winter Wonderland (£7 – £15 per attraction)
  • Hampton Court Palace (£18 – £19)
  • Kensington Palace (£15 – £17)
  • Houses of Parliament tours (£18 – £30)
  • Kew Gardens (£9 – £17)
  • Buckingham Palace (£21 – £37)
  • Tower of London (£25 – £30)

£31 – £60

  • Home date nights/ film, Dominos and BnJ night in (We spend roughly £35 or so)
  • Local theatre shows and gigs (Anywhere between £10 – £35)
  • Bars/ pub (Depending on how much you drink £40 – £50)

£61 +

  • West End shows, burlesques, dinner and dance (£65 – £100)
  • Eating out. (£30 – £75)
    Obviously you could eat on the cheap but there are some amazing restaurants in London to try out. Also, when we go out for a meal I expect at least two courses and a couple of drinks, otherwise we might as well go for a quick at McDonalds. Hardly romantic!




How to spark your own creativity


A lot of the time I get the dreaded “Writers Block”. It happens almost everyday. I’m not one of those people who are lucky enough to sit down and say “Today, I’m going to write a song about _____ and it is going to be epic.” Unfortunately, for us creative people, others seem to assume that it’s so easy to “Just write words/ singing/ drawing/rhyming” but we all know IT SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT!

And then when it comes to actually creating some content, you’re just not feeling it? But you really have to force yourself to at least do SOMETHING. Then as you keep on creating, the ideas seem to get better and better to the point where you’ve actually created something decent? Well, I’ve recently found that the more I delve into creative past times, the easier it is to come up with interesting song concepts. Like they say, the best way to write a hit song is to keep on writting.

I really do take the time each day to do something creative to help inspire me to become a better songwriter, and also keep the creative part of my brain active. Here’s my top ideas for sparking some creativity.

  • Surround yourself in a creative and unclogged atmosphere
    Firstly, I can’t stress how important this is. My creative space must be immaculate and I must feel comfortable within for me to be supper creative. If your area is clogged up or unflattering to the eye it can stub your creativity. It doesn’t matter where you create, as long as it’s your “space” then make sure to keep it that way. With your space, you can really jazz it up by adding candles, fairy lights, plants etc to make it a more welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Basically, make it a place that will make you comfortable and focused.
  • Take some photos
    In my younger years I would literally take photos and videos of absolutely everything. I suppose I did this for the memories, but recently it’s become more of a creative exercise.  It’s not just the taking of the photos that help, but the editing afterwards. I always muck about with filters for all my Instagram snaps.
  • Make a scrap book
    My scrap book has been with me for nearly 3 years and it’s not exactly full to the brim. I come to it whenever I can, but I always make sure each page is crafted with care and individuality. Scrap booking is so simple because you literally get a bunch of cool embellishments and photos and stick them all down in the book, obviously in a creative way. It’s not exactly a “skilled” thing but it helps you get more creative with paper. I normally decorate mine with paints/ pens/ glue/ jewels etc.
  • Write a short story
    Descriptive writing!! When I was younger I used to write a story before bed about how Ide fall in love with a boy from school (I know, so fucking lame Sabrina). But seriously, it really helped me to have a vivid imagination, which I think we adults lack these days.
  • Paint/ draw a picture
    A bit more advanced than a scrap book. I can’t draw/ paint for shit, unless it’s a copy of another picture. I love drawing and I LOVE PAINT. Colour is what inspires me so getting messy with paint will also help.
  • Go for a walk or visit a place and write a short descriptive paragraph of your outing
    Go for a nice long walk and write a short descriptive paragraph of your journey. You could try this at a place of interest too. I know a friend who sits in a cafe all day and takes notes on other people conversations. He then writes a made up story and sometimes even a whole song on that one conversation. Pretty fucking clever!
  • Read a fictional book
    Think of all that imagination a book brings to your mind when you’re reading. Use that to inspire your creativity.
  • Practice your craft (even if the outcome is shit)
    To make better songs I must keep writing. Even if they are complete and utter shit, I might take certain elements from “the shit song” and craft it into a better song.
  • Write a poem
    Poems help me with songwriting. The best ones are the ones that don’t rhyme, but I’m so cheese and I love a bit of rhyme! I think rhyme is clever and I love coming up with obscure words to match.


If all else fails?

If all else fails just go for a walk. If you’re having a hard time getting inspiration then just take a deep breath and chill. Go run yourself a bath and listen to classical music. No really. Surround yourself with nice smelly candles and maybe a bath bomb (I’ve heard the ones from LUSH are great). Chill and take your mind off things. Sometimes if you try and force it, the creativity will never come. You can’t force art. 80% of creativity is subconscious anyway, bet you didn’t know that!

10 things I should store in my handbag (If I actually used one)

The truth is, most of the time I don’t actually take a bag with me when I go out (Dun DunDun). I mean, if I’m going shopping I’ll just take my purse because that’s all I really need, and if we’re going clubbing I just use Mitchell as my personal phone carrier, I wouldn’t need money because he’ll be buying the drinks 😛

However, drawing from my past experiences, there are some cases where I sit and think “Why didn’t I bring ____ with me?” which then makes me ponder on the thought of actually buying handbags to store X,Y and Z in. So, here’s my list of things I’de put in my handbag and the reasons why.

  • Umbrella
    I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been caught in the rain without an umbrella or even a hood. England should be called Rainland because it rains all the damn time, so why on earth have I left the house without an umbrella before?
  • Chewing Gum
    Chewing gum really helps me curb some food cravings for a while, also after I’ve had a salad (which is normally filled with onions and garlic, you know the smelly breath food) it’s a really good idea to freshen up Le Gob
  • Lady’s bits
    Because you never know when mother nature will grace you with her presence. Having a period isn’t exactly a regular thing in my life, it seems to come and go. The longest I’ve gone without a period is around 52 days. When it hits me it hits hard and unexpectedly. I get totally embarrassed when I have to ask “Have you got a spare tampon?”
  • Bottle of water
    As a singer it’s important to drink 2 – 3litres of water a day. I also get quite thirsty throughout the day and sometimes when I’m out and about the whole day I pretty much end up spending around £5 on bottled water. If only I had kept those bottles, filled them up with water at home and put them in a handbag. It would save me so much money!
  • Keys
    One time I went for a walk and left my dad and brother at home. When I got back they were gone. I dint have a key. I sat outside the door in the cold for an hour whilst they went to get a hair cut. Oh, and it was raining (whats new?) Worst. Day. Of. My. Life.
  • My purse
    Ok, this is one thing I have to admit I ALWAYS take with me when i leave the house. One time I took the car and left my purse at home. I nearly ran out of petrol on the way to a gig but thankfully my brother had his card on him. OFC I paid him back.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, that I’m probably missing some things that you carry in your bag. Am I right? Well, I honestly don’t see the need for some items such as:

  • Tissues
    Who the fuck needs a packet of tissues when you can just get some FREE tissue from a bathroom? It’s all the same thing.
  • Makeup
    I actually really hate wearing makeup. Not only can I never find the right colour but it almost always smudges and I just hate the feeling of “end of the day” makeup. When I have to wear a bit of coverage, the last thing I want to do is keep going to the bathroom to sort out my shiny nose and slap on some more product. NO THANKS.
  • Sweets/ mint/ chocolate
    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from being overweight, it’s to not carry your enemy with you. Sweets and chocolate are my killer, so even if I did buy a packet of Malteser’s to put in my bag, they wouldn’t stay in there for very long (trusts me).
  • Pens/ paper
    These have been replaced with my iPhone and iPad. Let’s save the trees people!


What have I learnt from witting this post?
Well, I definitely think I need some sort of bag, maybe a rucksack or an over the shoulder bag. I don’t think I’m the sort of arm rest bag kinda person. I think I’ll keep looking, but for now using Mitchell as a personal phone carrier actually sounds like a good option 🙂

Date Night: Competitive Bowling


Me and Mitch are trying to get together every other week for date night/ day. We spend WAAAAYY too much time apart, and because we both still live with our parents, it makes the task of finding “together time” much more harder.

We’ve got lots of ideas planned for dates, and we’re starting with the most simple ones (and cheapest) like Museums, art galleries, going for walks (mitch hates this idea) bowling, cinema… you get the idea.


This week we went Bowling. Now, I have to say I’m actually quite good at bowling (for a girl) and both me and Mitch are SUPER FUCKING COMPETITIVE. It’s actually a joke how competitive we are. And I absolutely HAAAATTTEE losing. If I don’t win I basically consider myself a failure, and totally throw a toddler tantrum, so you could image the tension whilst we were bowling them balls down the lane. Even thought I was trying my best to cheer Mitch on, deep down inside I was always hoping he’d get a gutter ball (I know, awful Sabrina!)



So, in the end Mitch won, and just obliterated me, but at the expense of his hand which is now in a lot of pain because he was bowling them balls a bit too hard. Such a shame, next time he should really let me win and save himself some pain. See what I mean by super competitive?


Mid Year Goals

Hand underlining Set Goals with red marker isolated on white.

Yes it is August. Yes, it’s not exactly mid year. Yes everyone makes goals at the start of the year in January… but I fee like being different.


I don’t know about you but around this time of the year I get very distracted with holidays, people being around the house because schools out and all of a sudden I seem to forget I am actually self employed and I do have work to do… DUH!

So making mid year goals can’t be bad if you get distracted really easily (like me!) So I’ve made a list of ‘mid year’ goals to try and accomplish by Christmas time (which is literally just around the corner, I’ve already made a list for presents lol)


1.Do something with my hair

Recently, my hair has become some sort of nasty nest of a mess in need of some good TLC. I haven’t cut my hair in two years, so you can just image how out grown and silly it looks being all one length. My hair has been bright red before and I absolutely loved it SO MUCH! The only problem I had with red hair was the constant bleaching and dryness state my hair was in. I have very dark, possibly black hair, and bleaching roots every 6 weeks is so not fun. Red fades really quickly as well so hair maintenance also meant dying my hair at least once a month to keep the bright tones of the red. So much work. In the end I just dyed it black and cut my hair really short (which I hated btw, totally doesn’t suit me) and now i’ve left it to grow for the last couple of years. Hopefully I’ll get an edgy cut soon and try out some blue hair, because lets face it, colourful hair is cool hair.


2. Regularly update my blog and youtube channel

The amount of times I’ve started and re started my youtube channel and blog is crazy. I think I’ve become like this because I just can’t make my mind up as to what exactly I want to post about. Now I’m just thinking who gives a fuck and write/ film about anything. That’s what I shall do. And hopefully I’ll do it on the regular.


3. Take bluebell for walks more often (before it gets cold)

I promise bluebell every night we will go for a walk in the morning, it gets to morning and we are both like zzzzzzzzz. Bluebell is a tiny cute chihuahua and she has the smallest little legs you’ve ever seen, so we have to be really careful not to over do the walking for her. She also hates being on the lead! So much so that when I show her the the lead and harness she tries to hide in the carpet, I kid you not, and it’s THE MOST CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE.


4. Write more songs

Writing has taken a back seat recently, and it was such a struggle to push myself and finish off my EP (released in April 2015). I’ve been writing songs since I was 16, and I probably would write about 2 songs a day or so. I had this spurt of artistic creativity at college and now I’m actually working I have no inspiration. Nothing. ZERO! I really want to release more music soon, so hopefully I can push myself to write better things more often.


5. Go out and enjoy life

Honestly, I’ve become a bit of a bore recently. I don’t go out and I hardly drink at all for someone my age (I’ve only just turned 23!) I’m totally consumed in my work and trying to make music work for me that sometimes I forget the people around me. Sounds crazy, I know, but often at times I get lonely and I remember I’ve been neglecting friends and family ALOT so I plan to rekindle relationships before christmas, and not wait for christmas get togethers.


Overall, I see goal setting as working on your flaws one at a time, so I really hope to accomplish all on this list. I haven’t put much down because it’s only 4 months till Christmas! yikes!!!


The God Damn TRUTH about feminism

I watched a video today which included young girls, probably 8 – 11 years old, swearing at me to raise awareness about feminism.

I understand that whoever created this very funny and entertaining video (I mean lol it made me thinking back to my chavy days when I was a young one) wanted to get across the fact that girl’s swearing is not a big issue when there are worst things in the world such as young men who think it’s OK to rape. Well, this is the message I got from this video.

Check it out and let me know what your interpretations are:

In all fairness, I think it was a great way to “raise awareness” about issues close to these women’s hearts, and I agree totally that  society needs to change it’s attitude towards these things (like girls feeling their value is “from their waist line and not their brain”) however I really don’t think these are the root of massive feminist issues.

Don’t get me wrong, they are big problems the world holds today, but it pains me a bit to see women masking up social issues with the word “feminism”. They all seem to jump on the bandwagon of “girl power” and as seen in this video, their attitude towards these issues is pretty bad. The whole video was just like a massive attack, I felt quite scared at some point. I know we should be angry that for years women have been manipulated into thinking about “the size of our butts” but palming it as a “feminist” issue… uh uh it’s just not right.

Instead of being angry and attacking everything & everyone  (we are not animals,we are civilised humans… apparently) with your very well thought out, quite funny in places, strong video, we should actually be trying to fight for EQUALITY FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.

Let me make myself very clear now.

If you are a woman who wants equal rights, you want to be paid the same as men, you want to make sure that if you and your partner who, you have kids with, decide that you no longer want to be together you, the woman, obtains full custody of the kids… hold on a minute, WHAT THE FUCK?!

This is what I’m talking about people!

You CANNOT be a woman who wants all things equal and yet decide when equality doesn’t count for the benefit of you. Just because you are a woman DOES NOT mean that you are entitled to your children more than the other person (yes, the man) who also helped create your wonderful crying bundle of joy.

Me and my BF have conversations about feminism regularly, he always brings up the inequality within the world that is in favour of the woman, and I always bring up whichever is in favour of the man.

I’m not being funny now, but if you claim to be a “feminist” but then expect your partner to pay for your meal, cinema ticket, drive you around then you are clearly not a feminist, you’re just a lazy person who’s very greedy.

As a person, not a feminist, I feel that men should be given the same paternity leave as women, they should have an equal right in the custody of their children, and I also feel that car insurance for men and women should be based on their driving skills and not their gender (which is why I hate those stupid drive like a girl adverts. Just because I’m a girl DOES NOT mean I drive at 20miles an hour!) I also believe that just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean if I use “fowl” language I’m apparently not “very lady like” ( Does it make me any less of a woman if I use an “F” word is some of my sentences???) and of course women should get the same pay as men in any sector of work in any part of the world.

I 100% DO NOT BELIEVE a woman’s place is in the kitchen. The kitchen holds food, it’s everyone’s place!!!