Date Night: Imperial War Museum

FINALLY! We managed to get our asses down to the Imperial War Museum after weeks of putting it off (from Mitchell). Afterwards he told me “Oh, I actually really enjoyed that, we should come back soon” … mmmmhhhhmmm


I had an appointment in Bond street at 12pm, so we made our way to the museum afterwards. Mr clever clogs decided to find the way to the museum via IFiona (His Iphone that he loves more than me apparently) which told us to get off at Chancery lane and take a 45 minute walk… wait WHAT?! Yes, there is a nearer station to the museum – Elephant & Castle – but Mitchell’s fucking fantastic response  “Well, you’ve always said you wanted to walk around London” pissed me off right to the edge I walked off in a huff, hence we walked. (Good thing I wore sensible shoes!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.57.35






Unfortunately, because we got there at around 2pm, after we had lunch we only had a couple of hours at the museum which was a shame because we couldn’t take all the information in, nor did we go to all the floors. (I still blame Mitch for this)

If you’re thinking of visiting the museum any time soon, without doubt we both suggest you check out the Holocaust floor (4th floor I think). The stories I read and the things I saw were absolutely horrific, defiantly something I wasn’t taught in school, and I honestly couldn’t believe how sick and twisted humans can be.

Being a witness to the recent events taking place in the world right now I hope for a brighter future where everyone can live in harmony regardless of race gender or belief. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself any time soon.


























Date Night: Competitive Bowling


Me and Mitch are trying to get together every other week for date night/ day. We spend WAAAAYY too much time apart, and because we both still live with our parents, it makes the task of finding “together time” much more harder.

We’ve got lots of ideas planned for dates, and we’re starting with the most simple ones (and cheapest) like Museums, art galleries, going for walks (mitch hates this idea) bowling, cinema… you get the idea.


This week we went Bowling. Now, I have to say I’m actually quite good at bowling (for a girl) and both me and Mitch are SUPER FUCKING COMPETITIVE. It’s actually a joke how competitive we are. And I absolutely HAAAATTTEE losing. If I don’t win I basically consider myself a failure, and totally throw a toddler tantrum, so you could image the tension whilst we were bowling them balls down the lane. Even thought I was trying my best to cheer Mitch on, deep down inside I was always hoping he’d get a gutter ball (I know, awful Sabrina!)



So, in the end Mitch won, and just obliterated me, but at the expense of his hand which is now in a lot of pain because he was bowling them balls a bit too hard. Such a shame, next time he should really let me win and save himself some pain. See what I mean by super competitive?


Holiday to Cape Verde!!

Heeeyy. So before I even start I know exactly what you’re thinking: “Sabrina you just went on Holiday to Spain! WTF?!”

I know I know, let me explain…. Mitchell and myself booked our Cape Verde holiday back in May before my parents invited us to sun it up in Spain with the family. This holiday was just about us and I’m chuffed we managed to go on two holiday’s this year. 🙂


Chill out selfie 😎

So… Cape Verde. Well, it’s a cluster of islands in the middle of the sea off the west coast of Africa. It’s hot all year around and to be honest there’s not much to do on the islands. The most “developed” island in terms of tourism is SAL (the island we went to) but again, not much to do. So if you were thinking of travelling to Cape Verde any time soon, I would suggest you go there to relax and do sweet FA for a week or two. Let me also mention that this is a developing country. When others went to the nearest town they mentioned it was like “Walking through a 3rd world country”. Well, this is AFRICA; you weren’t expecting it to be like England were you?

Sal is a lovely Island, the people there are very friendly and the beaches OMG THE BEACHES are so clean. The sand is white and soft, almost like walking on snow, and the sea is brilliant for surfing. Funny story: we went into the sea for the first time, not realising the waves start to fold quite far out from the shore. Me and Mitch didn’t get too far out when a huge wave, and I mean HUGE, came crashing into us. The undercurrent swept us into the wave and we basically got enihalated. We ending up back on the beach like washed up fish. Brilliant!


Night time sea

The sea by night is calm and great for fishing. We went for a traditional Cape Verde BBQ meal on the beach, with a fire eater and live music for entertainment. The food was fantastic and we even had a go at fishing. I caught the bigger fish 🙂


Fire eater



Mitchell’s fish



My fish!



Me and my fellow musicians

The hotel we stayed at (Crioula Club hotel) was a 3* resort. We didn’t know what to expect from 3* because our last holiday to Turkey was 5* and this is our second holiday together. The hotel was OK and situated on the beach, so perfect for anyone who likes being near the beach front. The food was average, but more suited to all the italians staying there. The food was pretty much pasta, pizza soup and more pasta. We weren’t warned about the salt water pool which I hated so much. You have no idea. I just hate salt water. If I wanted to swim in the sea I would just walk 200m to the sea, but this salt water pool was… YUK! If we knew they has a salt water pool we most likely would not have stayed there. They only had one pool so there was no splashing on holiday. Also, the sunbeds around the pool were on sand, which begs the question why the hell would you have sand next to the pool when the beach is 200m away?


Pool Sunbeds. See what I mean about the sand?



Mitch enjoying a game of Water polo

Mitch loved the pool (I have no idea why) and was always getting involved with the crioula animation team who were fabulous. Actually, they were probably the best part of the whole holiday. They had a huge array of activities and they love talking to all the tourists, asking to come and play with them or join in with the activities during the day and night time.

One evening we were joined by a dance group from our nearest town St Maria. They were fantastic. They portrayed the independence of Cape verde and how they were enslaved when the islands were inhabited by the Portuguese through dance. The men were quite fit (if I say so myself) and overall were very enjoyable.





Overall, it was a fantastic holiday for us to chill and relax. Although, I think we might consider going on holiday for two weeks the next time we go away. 7 days feels too short, even when you’re doing nothing. I did get bored around Thursday because I’m young and I can’t be lazing around the pool every single day. I would’ve liked to have visited another island but this wasn’t available to us.

I honestly think Cape Verde will be as popular as the Canary Islands within 10 – 20 years. Just watch this space. Better start investing in some villas.


Sabrina x

Trip to London: Ripleys Believe it or not & Hamley’s – September 2015


Graffiti or street art?

I love going to London. I really do! Living in the suburbs has some fantastic benefits and getting straight into London takes around about an hour. Unfortunately, Mitch hates London. Yes, it’s very crowded which is one of the reasons why we don’t go so often, but it’s so fun and there are millions of things to do, it’s a shame we don’t go as often as we should considering we live so near!


Kids Mohawk bike helmet. Unfortunately it didn’t quite fit my head

We’ve started doing a date night together every other week, taking it in turns as to who organises the dates. This week was down to Mitch so he took me to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! I defiantly recommend going to Ripley’s in London. It’s not too expensive, and it’s pretty much like a wacky museum, totally worth going if you have the time! Also, on the way we stopped at Hamleys which was the most amazing place EVER!

So firstly, I have to mention the Harry Potter replica items inside Hamleys. It was amazing! they had a replica wand for every single character, the snitch, and some of Harry’s broom sticks used in the films.


Lots of wands


Dumbledore’s bronze wand


Lucius Malfoy’s cane



They also had a section for Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and Game of Thrones. Although I didn’t take many pictures for these as there wasn’t too much merchandise there anyway, I got a fantastic photo of the One Ring that started it all for the hobbits of The Shire.


Can I just stress I was getting so excited as an adult just looking at this stuff, I could only image what I would’ve been like as a child. This place was just jam packed with everything you could ever think of to occupy a child (apart from iPads and stuff).


Monster high dolls. The gothic and creepy dolls for extra ordinary kids.


The best idea ever to create gothic dolls for kids! This was my favourite one.


The biggest collection of disney action figures I’ve ever seen.

I’m actually obsessed with miniature things at the moment. When I was younger something attracted me about Sylvanian Families, and since I’m obsessed with small miniature things at the moment you can tell my eyes gleamed when I saw a small Sylvanian town!



Supermarket complete with mini bananas apples and bell peppers.!


Sylvanian’s are also keep gardeners apparantly.

IMG_0683 IMG_0682 IMG_0679

So moving on from toy galore, Ripley’s is one of a kind place. It’s 5 floors of madness you wouldn’t find in a tradition museum. Even though I’m not a fan of taxidermy the first thing you seem on floor 5 is stuffed animals like cows with 5 legs and goats with two heads… I kid you not. (sorry  I have no photos). At the entrance they have the Ripley’s mini which has been covered in crystals showing famous landmarks. On the front you can see the statue of liberty. This is my kind of car!

IMG_0709 IMG_0710

They also has so many strange (real) things like a 50m piece of rope that had been removed from a cows stomach, an iron maiden torture device and also real african shrunken heads. Yes, they were real people’s heads. Mitch freaked out at that but I found them a bit fascinating and creepy.


The biggest rocking chair in the world.


A beautiful sculpture entirely made out of camel bone.



Oprah Winfrey made out of coloured pins


Portrait made out of bottle corks.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie. Me and Mitch are a bit heavy, I don’t even think Mitch knows how much he weighs. He’s also quite tall as well so coming into a room with the fattest man and the tallest guy in the world we knew this was somewhere we would have lots of fun. I walked up to the statue of Waldo, and instead of being wowed by his hight my first question was “I wonder how big his penis was”? LOL


Unfortunately, Mitch didn’t stand up to Waldo’s hight, so now he can’t complain and use his “I’m too tall” excuse all the time.


Together me and Mitch came to 270kg, so this bloke was basically fucking huge.

I love our date nights, hopefully we can visit London more often 🙂

Sabrina x

Club La Costa world, Spain, July 2015

So I’ve been a little bit busy with life lately. It’s prime time wedding season which has taken me up and down the country singing for newly weds, which is always such a rewarding job!

Last week I found myself venturing off to sunny Spain with my family.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.09.12

Before I tanned (Must’ve been the first day)

This was our first EVER holiday abroad as a 4 piece family… sort of. We’ve been away with our extended family to Florida when I was 16, but there was literally 20 of us that travelled together, so not everyone got their way especially me. Like when I wanted to go on all the rides at Disney Land but my mum wouldn’t let me because all the grownups were tired and there was little old me packed full of life ready to bounce around Disney’s magic Kingdom like a kid high on sweets.

So I guess it was nice to get away with just mum dad and my brother. We also brought along cousin Tommy and also my lovely boyfriend Mitchell, who can’t seem to say no to a bit of sunshine because he likes to turn into a tomato on holiday; NO JOKE!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.21.09

Family on the plane. Mum, Dad Tommy, Jamie, Me, Mitchell.

So, the only reason why we actually went away was because my parents ‘won’ a free holiday with CLC world, which is a timeshare resort company. To sum it up you pay as though you’re in a time share but you’re not subject to one building, you can travel anywhere in the world to any of their resorts. Of course if they are offering you a free holiday then you’re BOUND to get a hard sell to buy into the company, and whatever my parents decision  I fully support them in whatever they want to do.

The Resort
We stayed at Club La Costa World for this free holiday, situated in the middle of nowhere between the airport town Malaga and the  Chavtastic Essex hang out Marbella. It’s quite a large complex, and putting it simply the resort is split into  three sections: Cheapo, Marketing, Rich area. Unfortunately, we were bang smack in the middle at the Marketing area, and were encouraged to spend our time in the cheap area, but obviously with someone who has expensive taste such as myself I mingled with the richer members and hung out in the best bar 😉 Also, the complex is situated on either side of a hill, with the Marketing area being at the top of the hill and in the middle of both sides of the resort. Yes, just image my face when trying to walk up and down hills to get to a shop or pool in 40C degree heat. Fortunately they had a train/tram thing that takes you to each side of the resort, but they never came on time which meant walking; we walked ALOT. (I’m sure I’ve lost a stone in sweat alone). Obviously I cooled myself down with plenty of fluids.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.28.07

THANK GOD for strawberry Daiquiri’s 🙂


What I did
After getting over the fact that walking will be a big part of the holiday, I planned my days wisely. We spent most of the time sleeping and swimming by our nearest pool, and in the evenings we literally drunk ourselves silly and danced around our table like mad men around a camp fire.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.07.08

From let to right: Tommy, Myself and Mitchell in the pool on our first day.

We spent a day in the nearest town to the resort, which we thought was Malaga, but turns out we went to Fuengirola. (Malaga was actually quite far away from our resort) We bought some great souvenirs in the town, but we hit two major problems while shopping:
no1 it’s really REALLY fucking hot so walking around with no shade in a hustle bustle town is such a drain
no2, Everyone has a lie in when on holiday, so when you rack up at 12pm to start some shopping you have about 2 hours before EVERY SINGLE SHOP apart from the supermarket, closes for siesta… and they won’t re open until around 5/6pm! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. We should totally do this shit in England!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.13.44

Some really cool jewellery in a shop called Lolita! They had doughnut earnings (I say no more!!)


A special place
On our last day we visited the Nerja caves. OMG when I say this place is so cool. Not cool as in cold because it was actually very humid inside the cave, to the point where it’s hard to breathe, however the amazing sites around you take your mind off your near suffocation and it feels as if you’re walking through a winter wonderland. It was a truly magical place and I can see why it’s a popular place for tourists and archaeologists alike.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 16.35.47

A really pretty pillar in the centre of the cave, lit by artificial lights.

There was also an archaeological site that I really wanted to visit because of the ancient markings on the walls which has always fascinate me. Unfortunately you need to book it up and be part of a secret archaeological guild to be able to access this area, so it was off limits for the day (boo).

I honestly enjoyed my time with family away for a week, but I literally was bombarded with emails and notifications when we came back. Also the wifi was shit, but what do you expect when you’re on holiday.

Me by the end of the week, totally see a tan coming

Me by the end of the week, totally see a tan coming